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Electronic test. 2018. - 12 pp.
This file includes: a test in Microsoft Excel format (98 questions), a table of full calculation of test results on scales with correction of corresponding coefficients and T-balls + questionnaire form, keys and general interpretation of the test.

Source for the electronic test: Kleyberg Yu.A. Practice on deviantology. SPb .: Speech, 2007 - 144 pages (Series "Psychological Workshop"). Reviewers: Novikov V. V., Dr. psycho. Sciences, prof., Akopov G.V, Dr. psycho. Sciences, prof. Author - Орел А.Н.

System requirements: minimum system requirements - processor with a frequency of 233 MHz, 64 MB RAM, 50 MB of free disk space, compatibility with Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista.

Center for Psychiatric Care and Professional Psychophysiological Selection. Authors of the program: Golev SV, Adjunct Professor of Psychology, Goleva OS, Master of Psychology.
The material was developed within the framework of the program "Psychodiagnostics in Excel".

The scales are:

Scale of setting for socially-desirable answers.
Scale of propensity to overcome norms and rules.
Scale of addiction to addictive behavior.
Scale of propensity to self-damaging and self-destructive behavior.
Scale of propensity to aggression and violence.
Scale volitional control of emotional reactions.
Scale of propensity to delinquent behavior.
Recommended for psychologists, educators, psychotherapists, psychoanalysts, doctors, coach-coaches.
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