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Electronic test. 2018. - 12 pp.
This file includes: a test in Microsoft Excel format (98 questions), a table of full calculation of test results on scales with correction of corresponding coefficients and T-balls + questionnaire form, keys and general interpretation of the test.

Center for Psychiatric Care and Professional Psychophysiological Selection. Authors of the program: Golev SV, Adjunct Professor of Psychology, Goleva OS, Master of Psychology.
The material was developed within the framework of the program "Psychodiagnostics in Excel".

The scales are:

Scale of setting for socially-desirable answers.
Scale of propensity to overcome norms and rules.
Scale of addiction to addictive behavior.
Scale of propensity to self-damaging and self-destructive behavior.
Scale of propensity to aggression and violence.
Scale volitional control of emotional reactions.
Scale of propensity to delinquent behavior.
Recommended for psychologists, educators, psychotherapists, psychoanalysts, doctors, coach-coaches.
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