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13.69 Rub.
Buying this product, you instantly receive a license key Minecraft Windows 10 Edition.

Please, if you have any problems with the goods - do not leave negative feedback, but write us a personal correspondence. We will definitely solve your problem.

Game description:
Minecraft is a computer-based indie game in the sandbox style with elements of a survival simulator and the open world, developed by the Swedish programmer Marcus Persson, also known as "Notch" and later released by Persson-based Mojang </ delivery> </ delivery>You can activate the key on the site </ attention> </ delivery>deliveryattentionWhat does our warranty give?

* LIFETIME warranty for the replacement of not a work item, and not just in the first 30 minutes after purchase

* Constant support and assistance on any issues, regardless of the prescription of the purchase.

* In case of any problems, you can always count on a replacement as soon as possible. </ Attention> </ delivery>
Purchase terms:

✅ The key you receive immediately after payment!
✅ All the activation operations are performed by the buyer.
✅ After buying the key, its further destiny is completely on your shoulders. We can not control your actions.
✅ If the key you bought is not working, then immediately (within 15 minutes) we write a message through the form "Correspondence with the seller" (available after payment for the goods). Not to be confused with the form of REVIEW!
✅ A refund or replacement of a key is possible only if VIDEO PROOF is provided (the video must contain a record from the moment of payment of the goods and until the key is entered)
✅ If you leave a negative feedback immediately after the purchase without first contacting the seller, the seller will take action.
25.04.2018 8:16:23
Сначала не работал, но заменили. Супер!
24.04.2018 16:53:43
Все активировалось! Спасибо!
01.04.2018 15:28:38
Продавец большой молодец, всё активировал! Теперь очень рад, что есть лицуха майнкрафт за копейки!)
01.04.2018 11:47:33
01.04.2018 11:47:07
01.04.2018 11:46:56
01.04.2018 11:46:47
01.04.2018 11:46:22
01.04.2018 11:46:11
01.04.2018 11:45:58

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