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FLUMBIX is the master of macros 2013 for Bloody and X7!
MACROS for PUBG no recoil - the marginal increase in accuracy and compensation of spread, left button mouse macros for auto mode!
MACROS for A4tech X7 and Bloody with the internal memory! Macros, Effects and coatings X7 macros only for automatic weapons! For Bloody need activated 3 core! For Bloody macro only import *.amc
Acuracy test
Before purchasing MACROS to get acquainted with the characteristics of the weapons in the game and the mechanics of recoil, strong vertical and horizontal random scatter does not allow you to write to the perfect accuracy, the best accuracy only in the first shots, so the macros are simple to passive helps in reducing the recoil and for more accuracy you constantly need to correct by hand. When shooting with sights more than the x2 of multiplicity precision is such that the bullet in the bullet will never fall, and with the increase of the distance spread between the bullets increases! And that is why macros are simple commensurate with the low price tag, and after the purchase of claims on this issue will not be accepted!
Product features may change in future updates.
AKM, AUG, DP-28, Groza, QBZ, QBU, M16A4, M416, SCAR-L, SLR, VINTOREZ, SKS, Mini 14, MK14, TommyGun, UMP, Micro UZI, VECTOR
23.08.2018 7:30:12
great macro script but its hard to understand first when you are new but so far so good the most rifle but for akm still buggy. i always use qbz,m4a1 and ump with this macro script its great and high damage.. i hope soon will get other rifle like the new ones and add the sniper like kark. also please bring back the fast single in all rifle or a slow fast single with precise shot in long range shooting.
03.08.2018 17:46:40
Really not said bad but......
Thanks Man
28.07.2018 18:06:06
so good
27.06.2018 8:41:56
24.06.2018 9:40:42
Сразу после оплаты все пришло. Товар соответствует написанном на сайте. Все работает.
01.06.2018 3:30:42
честно говоря пользуюсь 4 месяца и тип спреется норм хз почему у всех проблемы -_-
18.02.2018 11:36:49
Very good!
16.02.2018 0:06:58
Хороший товар!
07.02.2018 22:15:07
18.01.2018 1:15:00