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85 Rub.

-After payment of the goods, you will immediately get a Twitch account with activated status Twitch Prime (Region Free / without regional restrictions)

-You can get Care Package Alpha + Bravo in World of Tanks

-Account will be in the form of login: password

-If you have already activated Bravo on your account, then this offer is for you!
- Bonuses can be obtained only once for one account!

-Activation of World of Tanks

1. Sign in to your Twitch account at and after that click on the crown sign in the upper right corner and click claim
2. Log in to your Wargaiming and link your Twitch account to your World of Tanks account.
3. Accrual bonuses from Twitch can take up to 24 hours, if not immediately, then wait
You can also order additional services from us for HEARTHSTONE, TWITCH PRIME and much more, a list

All of our products at the link below:

-Contact us via Plati or Skype or Telegram in-house chat and we will answer all your questions!

-Thank you very much for your purchases and reviews, especially for you cumulative discount system!
07.12.2018 9:27:12
Мне не подошло, но я его подарил человеку и у него всё ок. Но Я НЕ ПОЛУЧАЛ АЛЬФУ, а мне так и не дали.
07.12.2018 9:25:58
Всё супер! Получил два набора! Кайф!
30.10.2018 15:39:13
25.09.2018 15:45:12
Everything is Ok
08.09.2018 12:42:14
Немного запутанно, но мой IQ позволил прочитать инструкцию и забрать Золотой лутбокс :)
08.09.2018 7:29:50
Всё збс контейнер золотой есть
06.09.2018 22:52:38
Все норм
02.09.2018 13:08:35
14.08.2018 23:25:13

28.07.2018 23:54:09
Все отлично

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