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If you do not have the time, mood, opportunities to visit fitness clubs or go to the gym - it does not matter! The gym can be organized at home. How - you ask? Find some time and at least skim through this book - then many questions will go away forever.

The book contains dozens of the most useful exercises that can be performed without any equipment - unless, of course, we do not consider a gymnastic ball or a pair of dumbbells as special equipment. A variety of exercises would be envied by any Shaolin monk - here there are whole sets of exercises that can strengthen the whole body without any adaptations: push-ups, squats, pull-ups, slopes - and many other useful things for which you need a minimum of space. This is an excellent manual for self-training for any athlete, and for all fans of martial arts there is undoubtedly a lot of useful things.
Title: Exercises for self-training
Author: Nathan Hendrink
Format: pdf
Size: 22 mb.
Quality: Excellent
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