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After payment, you get a 100% work account with Dead by Daylight purchased on it, you´ll be the first owner of this account, there will be no hours spent, no returns and problems, as your accounts are personal!Buying this product you instantly get a new account with the licensed game Dead by Daylight
- without regional restrictions (Steam region free; Global account)
- The phone is not attached.
- Mail is confirmed, you can change it to your own. (We do not provide data from the mail) Instructions for changing mail are lower
- You can change the account data to your
- Steam Guard -OFF
</ attention>Account registered personally by us. Sold only in one hand. Besides you, the login and password of the purchased account, no one has ever seen.
Unlike other accounts on the market with Dead by Daylight, this account will stay with you forever, because He received legally. No returns.
</ attention>

About the game: Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer horror game in mode (4 vs 1), where one player assumes the role of a cruel Assassin, and four other players are Survivors trying to escape from the killer.

Survivors play from a third party and have an advantage in situational awareness. The killer plays in the first person and is more focused on its prey.

The goal of the Survivors in each game is to try not to catch the Assassin, and to escape from the scene of the killings — this sounds simpler than it really is, especially when the situation changes in each game.
Account Information:
- without VAC lock
- 0 hours
- you will be the first owner of this account
- guarantee 100% personal accounts
- change all personal data
Instructions for action after purchase:
1. Enter the Steam app
2.Click on "login" in the upper right corner of the steam program and select "About account"
3. In the "Contact Information" section, be sure to add your phone by clicking on the "Link Phone" link. Without adding a phone you can not change the mail!
4. Enter your phone number and confirm it with SMS message.
5. After this, go to the settings. In the upper left corner of the steam program, click on the "Steam" menu and then "Settings"
6.Click the "Change Contact Email Address" button
7. Send the verification code to your number, enter it in the field and replace the E-mail with your own.
8.Also in the settings, click the "Change Password" button. Change the password to your own and only then start the game. These security measures will help keep your account forever!
9. Go to the "Library" section and right-click on "install game". The game will start downloading from the official Steam servers. After installation, you will be able to play Dead by Daylight - the steam account on licensed steam servers.
22.02.2018 0:11:31
Спасибо Большое!
19.11.2017 22:01:29
Все ок!
04.11.2017 0:09:07
попалась нерабочая карточка, но после обращения к продавцу он своевременно поменял её на другую

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