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1000 Rub.
Firmware designed for cars Lada GRANTA equipped with control units
 M74 "NPP ITELMA" 11183-1411020-62 for installation instead of firmware I444GF01

(Within 30 days after purchase, you can request a free adjustment of the firmware for your requests)

In the complete set of the firmware:

I444GF01 E-2_ori (firmware will not change the performance characteristics of the car, but it will save some of these problems)

The firmware with the disabled diagnostics of the neutralizer and the diagnostic oxygen sensor (DK-2), the other parameters are factory-set.
The firmware is suitable for those who are satisfied with all the running characteristics of the car.
But because of low-quality gasoline in the region of residence constantly annoying engine errors "Low catalyst efficiency" (for example P0422 Catalyst efficiency is below the permissible threshold)
Or after forcing deep puddles on the roads there are engine malfunctions:
P0036 Oxygen sensor after neutralizer, heater circuit breakage checked
P0037 Oxygen sensor after neutralizer, check the short circuit of the heater circuit to ground P0038 The oxygen sensor after the neutralizer, check the short circuit of the heater circuit on the bore
P0136 Oxygen sensor after neutralizer, open circuit signal
P0137 Oxygen sensor after neutralizer, low signal level
P0138 Oxygen sensor after neutralizer, high signal level
P0140 Oxygen sensor after neutralizer, open circuit signal
P0141 The oxygen sensor after the neutralizer, the heater is defective
P2270 The oxygen sensor after the neutralizer, no response to the enrichment of the mixture
P2271 Oxygen sensor after neutralizer, no response to lean mixture

I444GF01 - TUN (firmware for those who want to improve the performance of the car with minimal costs without affecting the life of the engine)

Firmware with optimized running characteristics without changes in environmental standards for regions with high-quality fuel.
Visibly improves the dynamics of the car, especially with the air conditioning turned on.
With it, you need only use high-quality gasoline to avoid detonation.

I444GF01 E-2 + TUN - (firmware for those who decided to do tuning their car by upgrading the intake and exhaust system)
Firmware for use when installing the initial tuning package on the car.

The "Stage 1" package includes: a zero resistance air filter, an intake air duct and an intake manifold of reduced resistance, without a catalyst exhaust system.

All firmware in the kit are presented in two versions:
- option with immobilizer on
- option immo off
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