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After the payment you will instantly get access to your account Avast format: (login & password), after logging in, you will find the official license file to activate
Avast Internet Security program (2 year-1 PC) </ delivery>ATTENTION !!!
Time counting operation of the license starts from the moment you download the license file from your account. Until the license is inactive, it is stored in your account without losing days.Activation of any region Region free </ Attention>
Avast Internet Security - comprehensive antivirus toolkit designed for general protection of your PC from possible virus infection from malware and network attacks.


- Quick Scan
- High performance scanning threats results
- Excellent integration of interface elements
- Surround functionality
- Excellent performance during active use


It is important to note that Avast has developed in three directions: Free Antivirus, Antivirus Pro and Internet Security - it will be about the last produkte.Prezhde all, it is an integrated antivirus, aimed at both the virus and to protect the Internet.

• screens in real time
The screens operate in the automatic mode, including an analysis of operating system processes in real time, it maximizes your level of protection.
• Virus scanning
Virus scanning - the pride of Avast Internet Security. It goes so fast that you involuntarily have to wonder - is it worth to buy such protection?
Perhaps the reason for the rapid scanning - no database with virus definitions? By the way, this is one of the myths. Forced to disappoint those
who thinks so - Avast antivirus has more than 2.5 million signature databases, they take up about 100 MB of disk space.

• Quarantine
What if antivirus discovered a suspect file, and you do not close the device c !? If Avast automatically delete suspicious objects, it is unlikely that it would be the most popular.
It uses a security module as quarantine. It is a repository of suspicious files from outside to which access can not be obtained. Once a file is stored in the quarantine,
you immediately notifies the presence of anti-virus threats, and then the choice is yours already, delete it completely or add exceptions.

• Command Line Analysis
This exclusive feature offered exclusively in Avast Pro Antivirus and Avast Internet Security edition. Its main feature - the scanning of all processes,
 working from the command line.

• Avast sandbox
-This Special medium run all the programs and processes.

• Avast auto sandbox
If Avast suspects or what the program, seeing it as malicious,
 then launch it is offered in the sandbox - there is a small window on top of all windows. Next - the choice is already yours. If you do not trust this program,
 then it can try to run it in a secure environment, thereby having protected themselves from possible infection.

• Avast SafeZone
This web - sandpit. It performs the same function as the Sandbox, but in the browser window. Estimated malicious web page isolated
and can not harm your computer.

• Avast WebRep
This feature allows you to view the site´s reputation, as well as to evaluate it.

• Parental control
Parental Controls built into the antivirus software - you can choose to indicate which site to block and no browser on your computer can not open it.
 Most often, it is necessary for that would protect resourceful children from inappropriate content on the grounds of age limit.

• Avast filter-antispam
If your mailbox comes a large number of unwanted messages that contain spam, sure that sooner or later you nadoest.Tselyu antispam filter Avast
Internet Security is the removal of all emails contain spam, anti-virus in a special segment.

• Avast faerwoll
Firewall antivirus Avast - is fully integrated in the graphical environment protection component. Thanks to many special functions, you can specify the degree of control
 your Internet connection, and completely block it.


Functions like: 4.2 / 5
-Convenience: 4.1 / 5
-Level Protection: 4.25
-Performance: 4.8 out of 5
-Total Score: 4.3 out of 5
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