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A set of scripts and guidelines that will help you create a large number of cheap ipv6 address by tunneling. A proxy server is organized on the basis of 3proxy distribution for Linux and can be located at any convenient vps provider for you. By tunneling you can create thousands of private ipv6 (the amount depends on the performance vps), that you can apply to your business. Each address will be given a unique bunch of login: password.

The kit includes:
1. Proxy 3proxy-0.8.6
2. The script generator ipv6 addresses random-ipv6-address-generator.sh
3. The script configuration generator 3proxy.sh proxy
4. Detailed instructions for setting up in txt format
5. Excel file to generate the proxy list
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08.02.2017 1:13:05
Отличный мануал, поднял 300 прокси. Рекомендую!
07.02.2017 19:31:59
С помощью скриптов и мануала от автора, поднял свой первый прокси-сервер. Данный материал очень поможет новичкам, как я. Все очень понятно и доступно. Спасибо!