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The purpose of this film - to teach the practitioner number of basic techniques that can be learned in no time without long practice, and that can save lives in an emergency. Despite the fact that the film is not disassembled all situations that may occur, viewed art can be used in all cases - importantly their study and complete confidence in the result. And it always will be, and here´s why:
Our film is based on the use of techniques that allow an attacker to cause damage due to the impact on the pain points and zones. Here is a brief list of what you will find in this educational video.
1) Attack gripper - how to avoid and instantly get rid of all types of seizures
2) Selection of the optimal distance
3) Techniques aggressive enemy suppression
4) Knockouts - effect on pain points
5) Attacks from behind
6) Blocks and strikes on the attacking limbs
7) Analysis of case studies with different types of attacks and the number of attackers
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