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If you look (even casually) on Book Sambo post-war period (for example - a textbook Kharlampiev) and Oznobishena work, "The Art of martial arts", there is a sense of separation: how so? If a book Kharlampiev (and his followers) - Sambo, then what is? Or - if we know that one of the founders of Sambo was Oznobishen - then what a struggle that was later called by the same word?

Even a cursory glance gives an indication of the effectiveness of these systems - and even more so, to cast doubt on their kinship. It is this and should be self-defense system - the author of the book, Oznobishen. And looking at the illustrations, one can see - yes, and how! It is safe to assume that it is - one of the best books of the time, the issue of self-defense posvschennaya. Most of it is based on the techniques of jiu-dzhittsu (actually - "combat" of judo, Judo and although originally intended D.Kano as a sort of universal "Army rukopashku"). By adding punches of boxing and a little English savatt, Oznobishen was quite slender and working system, which has allowed to solve many operational tasks, and just worked effectively in self-defense. Now with this system you can meet you. In it - practically all you need to know self-defense: unarmed combat, defense against knife, grabs, and more - practical pistol shooting and fire fighting.

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