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Solution K1 Option 10 from Reshebnik on theoretical mechanics manuals SM Targ 1982.
Check the condition of the task C3 (page 32 in the training manual Targ SM. 1982):
The point moves in the xy plane (Fig K1.0 - 1.9 K, K1 Table;.. The trajectory shown in the drawings point suspended). The law of motion defined by equations point: x = f1 (t), y = f2, where x and y are expressed in cm, t - in seconds.
It is necessary to find an equation for the trajectory of points in time t1 = 1 to determine the velocity and acceleration of the point, and its tangential and normal acceleration and a radius of curvature at the corresponding point of the trajectory.
Dependence x = f1 (t) labeled on the drawings, and the dependence y = f2 is given in the Table. K1 (for Figs. 0-2 in column 2 to Fig. 3-6 in column 3 for the Fig. 7-9 column 4).
Right after the payment you will receive the solution of K1 option 10 on the theoretical mechanics of Reshebnik SM Targ 1982. The task performed by the methodical instructions and control tasks for part-time students of construction, transport, machine-building and instrument-making professions universities.
The decision is decorated in word format.
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