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59.9 Rub.
18.3.24. AB loaded rod force F1 = 800 N and a pair of forces from the moment M = 70 Nm. At point C BCD rod a force F2 = 280 N. Determine the horizontal component of the reaction module supports D.
Right after the payment you will receive a link to a zip archive with the solution of the problem 18.3.24
(DYNAMICS, Chapter 18 - The principle of possible displacements, paragraph - 18.3: The principle of possible displacements) of Reshebnik to the collection of short tasks on the theoretical mechanics Kep OE, JA Viba, OP Grapis, JA Svetinysh et al. Publishing Moscow / Graduate School / 1989, 2009, 2012.
Task completed in word format (handwritten or typed solution in Word) or in manuscript form in gif / jpg format ..
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