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Exercise 1
Determine the basis of the Latin words: lawyer housing Academy, the public, the republic.
For example, substance - substantia, ae, f (substance).
Task 2
Identify the grammatical forms of these nouns, translate them into Russian:
codicem, consensui, actionibus (form 2), prudentiae, illusionis, inimici.
For example: homini - noun, case ending -i, (homo, -inis m - people), 3 declination willing subtype, Dativus, Singularis - man.
Activity 3
Match the following case forms of nouns with adjectives, translated into Russian: poenam (levis, e); personarum (gratus, a, um); ius (summus, a, um).
For example: casum (felix, fellcis).
Casum - noun (casus, us, m - case) 4 decline, Accusativus, Singularis, anyone? what? - happening
Felix, felicis - happy, adjective declension of 3 end in Asc. Sing, masculinum - felicem.
Casum felicem - whom? what? Lucky case
Task 4
Put the words in brackets into the desired shape. Pay attention to control pretexts. The proposals were translated into Russian.
Task 5
What are the main forms of the verb, determine his foundation infekta (praesentis), perf (perfecti) and supine (supini) and specify the type of conjugation. Turn the dictionary form infekta and perf:
ago, egi, actum, agere - act to sue;
accuso, accusavi, accusatum, accusare - blame;
habeo, habui, habitum, habere - have;
punio, punivi, punitum, punire - to punish.

Task 6
Constitute participium praesentis activi (nom. And gen. S.), Turn indicate which words derived from these sacraments, entered the Russian language. For example: gigno - gignens, gignentis (gen. S.) Produces, Star, is its; producing. doceo - docens,

Task 7
Translated into Russian the following Latin terms and expressions. Who owns the expression under the numbers 1, 3, 5, 7, 9?

Task 8
Read and translated into Russian text.

De Romanorum nominibus
Viris Romanis tria nomina erant: praenomen, nomen gentile et cognomen. Exempli gratia claro oratori Romano nomina erant: Marcus Tullius Cicero, Marcus praenomen est, Tullius - nomen gentile, Cicero - cognomen. Marci Tullii Ciceronis filiae nomen Tulliae erat.
Notes to the text:
exempli gratia - for example;
Tullius -Tully (male proper name);
Tullia - Tullius (women´s proper name)
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