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Account on the world´s most popular social networking site with a balance more than 5000 points.
AddMeFast is a very good service for promotion in all social networks. And if other similar sites appear as mushrooms after the rain, and after not working for several months disappear as quickly, AddMeFast has been successfully operating for the sixth year already. They have more than one million registered users from around the world. Today, AddMeFast is the leader in promotion in all kinds of social networks. Especially useful at the initial stages of attracting an audience to your group, page, channel, etc.
 AddMefast is not just an automatic wrapping of likes and subscribers. The service works on the principle of live exchange - you perform tasks of other users, while earning points, then use these scores for your assignments. Collecting points is a time-consuming and time-consuming process, so we recommend you buy points here. We have them several times cheaper than sold on the site itself. presents almost all social networks in which you can promote your page or attract customers into a business project. Let´s analyze the most popular:

Facebook: likes fan pages, outposts, subscribers for your page, likes of posts
Instagram: subscribers, likes for photos
Twitter: subscribers, publish any tweets, retweets, likes
Google: add to circles, reposts on Google
YouTube: subscribers to the channel, likes for video, adding videos to favorites, video views
Vine: Subscribers, Likes, Rebels
VKontakte: subscribers to the page, members in the group like
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You can buy AddMefast account with a different number of points here There you will also find my contacts for communication in case you have any questions about the work of the service or you can send your cooperation proposal.
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Аккаунт восстановили через пару часов,т.е. на аккаунт зайти возможности нет.Не рекомендую покупать.
P.S. Отзыв выбран положительный,т.к. разбираться с продавцом и трепать себе нервы желания нет.Учитывать мой отзыв при совершении покупки дело ваше.