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This book - the tutorial to improve the speed of reading and understanding of texts. It differs from the other benefits that allow you to:
just use their stuff - their favorite books, professional manuals, articles and other texts - combining reading with training;
control the speed of reading;
to choose how many times a day to practice, and how many minutes a day for it to spend.
Thus, training in the book can be integrated into even the most loaded schedule - and after studying it, he will be much more free, since you will complete more work and learning, to quickly learn all the lyrics.
Soon you will be much more interesting for your friends, relatives and even to himself, as will develop more and more new materials. Acting in accordance with proven methods described in this book, you will find that your thinking has reached the highest possible potential.
Innovative methods of speed reading is now in your hands. Soon you will change your approach to re
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