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Robert Tangora - one of the most famous in the world of Tai Chi practitioners. fluent technique a number of schools that arts. It is no secret that for many of the original card has become the practice of Tai Chi exercises "hands-cloud" on which to build a system of protection and pushing hands.

The book is very detail all aspects related with this exercise, from the detailed analysis of the implementation of technology to study the energy processes in the body at the time of their execution. The book is intended for more experienced practitioners of Tai Chi, beginners it is best to turn to other sources. For experienced athletes provided the information in the book is truly a boon and will open new horizons in the study of martial arts.
Title: The inner structure of cloud hands - the way to the higher practice of Tai Chi Quan
Author: Robert Tangora
Format: PDF
Size: 5 mb
Quality: Excellent
English language
Year: 2014
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