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Year: 2012
Posted by: Pierre Ducan
Translator: L. Ivashkevich
Genre: Cooking / Diets
Publisher: Eksmo
ISBN: 978-5-699-48054-8
Series: Dr. Dukan Diet
Russian language
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned Pages
Number of pages: 335
Description: Dyukan Diet - Diet number 1 in the world! And Dr. Pierre Ducane is the most popular French nutritionist who has developed a unique program of weight loss and stabilization of lost weight in 4 stages. According to his method, Karl Lagerfeld, Jennifer Lopez, Penelope Kruus and Gisele Bundchen parted with overweight. Dr. Ducane is sure that all people need the pleasure of eating, and the diet should satisfy this need, while ensuring stable results.
In the new book of the famous nutritionist, you will find 350 delicious recipes that will give you pleasure and greatly increase your motivation, allowing you to enjoy your favorite dishes without restrictions: Russian dumplings, pizza, sandwiches, nuggets, all kinds of salads, soups and stews, and the sweetest desserts and savory sauces - All this is available to you with the diet "Dyukan."
All products used in recipes can be found on the Russian market.
Pierre Dyukan - I can not lose weight
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