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Ermak and correct Basil Timoѳeevich (At the time, it was used to give people the names of their moral qualities, not only the common people, but also notable dignitaries, called in government securities: silence, weary of failure and so on., With the addition of Hristiyanskago patronymic Chebotaev Ѳedorov Almaz Ivanov Vasilev Tretiak, Belyanitsa Lavrent'evich. As the then Volga dialect meant Zhernovoi Ermak stone. This is the name given to Vasily Timoѳeevichu teammates on the Volga, probably signifying his solid as a rock, the nature and strength of the forces of corporal.) I was not born in magnificent palaces nobles, not by a parent, the famed courage and other qualities and virtues.
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