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Responses to test the Open Institute of Law are in a file word.

Answer format: question -> answer options -> marked by the correct answer.

Answers to tests OYUI latest, guarantee 100% of the results of the test to assess the 5.

Answers to all the tests OYUI

The questions in the test:

1. Algoritm- this:

??pravila translation from any number to decimal, developed the Arab mathematician Al-Khwarizmi.

??organizovannaya sequence performer, leading to the goal;

??sovokupnost actions with strictly defined rules of implementation;

??programma written in a programming language;

??Algoritm - accurate and understandable prescription perpetrator sequence of actions aimed at solving the problem.

2. Steps (stages) of development tasks for the computer consists of:

??etapa its external description

??etapa design PS,

PS I ??etapa

??etapa debugging

??etapa coding (programming in a narrow sense) MS

??etapa certification PS.

3. The life cycle of software materials- this:

??Pod lifecycle PS understands the whole period of its development and operation (use), starting from the moment of conception and ending with the termination of the SS of all types of its use

??Pod lifecycle PS only understand the period of its development, starting from the moment of drawing up a model of the problem and ending with drawing algorithm.

??Zhiznenny cycle includes all the processes of creation and use of PS (software process).

??Pod lifecycle PS only understand the period of its development, starting from the moment of drawing up the algorithm problem and ending the programming of the algorithm.

4. Basic structure of algorithmic programming, choose the correct answer:




?? «star»



5. Structure of the program C ++

??Obychnaya C program is the only module that runs with the help of a translator. With this structure, the original program functions located in different source files can not use the global external variables.

??V every C ++ program must be exactly one function named main ().

??Obychnaya SI program is a definition of the function main, which is to perform the necessary actions cause other functions. Communication between the functions carried out according to the means of transmission parameters and return values \u200b\u200bof functions. However, the C compiler can also split the program into several parts (source files), otkompelirovat each part separately, and then combine all the parts in a single executable file using the linker.

??Dlya to determine the function to carry out any action, it should use the variables. In C, all variables must be declared before they are used. Ads establish compliance with the name and attributes of a variable, function or type. Defining a variable is the allocation of memory to store its value. Class memory allocation is determined by storage class specifier, and determines the lifetime and scope of a variable associated with the concept of a program block.

??V language SI unit is considered to be a sequence listing of definitions and statements enclosed in braces. There are two types of blocks - and identify a compound statement

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