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A magnificent melody of one of the best composers of Russia - Alexei Rybnikov. Sounded in the movie "The very Munchausen." The arrangement is quite complicated - there are "cunning" fingering, barre, 4 key, discipline is required in observing the fingering in the right hand. I strongly recommend to follow the fingering and in the left hand - this is important.
Thank you for your purchase! Files pdf, notes + tablature from the bottom. There may be a watermark and protection from changing the file. If there are any problems with the file (errors, no download link, etc.) - contact me (mail, Skype), I will help 100%
Also practice lessons on Skype, contact mrpedagog.
Kindly requested: do not upload the arrangements you have purchased (or typed in another music editor) into free access. Please, if publicly available, or when transferring to another electronic format - please indicate the author of the transposition. Thank you once again for the financial support, pleasant analysis, good game!
22.05.2018 9:48:52
Та, самая нужная музыка

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