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курсовой проект по методическим указаниям "Маркетинг" (разработано Н.А. Бондаревой, канд. эк. наук, под ред. И.С. Степанова, д-ра эк. наук, проф.) для МГСУ и СГА.

Вариант 16. Расчеты по двум услугам
А-отделочные работы европейского качества (3,5 тыс. м2), Б-устройство кирпичных конструкций для жилищных объектов (3 тыс. м2)
оформление и расчеты строго по методичке!
Course project includes the following sections:

1. Introduction (essence, features and functions of marketing as applied to the construction industry)

2. Selection of the target segment in the market for construction services (earmarked group of potential customers / segments /, which will be targeted certain types of construction services)

3. Study of the lifecycle of the goods (ZHTST defines its particular construction, the graphs ZHTST in phases)

4. Analysis of production costs (production costs are calculated at a maximum power of a construction company)

5. Determination of the competitiveness of the company (calculated on the competitiveness of individual elements of the marketing mix: product, price, promotion of a product, the total financial performance)

6. Pricing (calculated) (considered three methods of pricing: "price, cost-oriented," "price, demand-driven," "price-oriented competition")

7. Pricing Model using multiatributivnoy goods (intended use value and the market price of the goods)

8. SWOT - analysis (SWOT-analysis carried out, followed by a question: "How does the company can eliminate its weaknesses and compensate for the impact of threats?", "How the company can use its strengths to realize the opportunities of the market?"

9. Develop profiles (2 profiles designed for consumers of services).
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