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Course "Fundamentals of Valuation of real estate"

Option 6.

1. In what is the analysis of the legal characteristics of the property as an object of evaluation? How is this reflected in the evaluation report?

2. What the purpose of the analysis of the market within the valuation of real estate?

3. Why in assessing the market value of the property is necessary to analyze the most efficient use of the facility? Give examples Argues response.

4. What are the different methods of calculating the capitalization rate in the assessment of real estate? What is their essence?

5. What are the different methods of calculation of amendments to the sales comparison approach?

6. In what is the physical deterioration of the job? Give examples.

7.Why with the concurrence of the results is necessary to analyze the assumptions and limiting conditions? Argues response.

Checklist option number 6 Real Estate Appraisal

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