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[Account-wide] - any character on your battle-net account may call this a pet

The new pet Gregarious Grell - Sociable Grell (Grell Moss - Moss Grell)

code you receive IMMEDIATELY! For any servers RU / EU / US

Buying the loot, you get a 25-digit code that you must enter on the page, choose the region where the server on which you want to receive an item. After activation code, you get a new code which you can enter the NPC Landreau Dalnostrel in Booty Bay (Stranglethorn Vale) sub Crown of The Heavens (Crown of Heaven)

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and a great addition to your pokrasovatsya petami - Pet Biscuit Biscuits Pet
09.03.2018 19:07:02
оперативно все пришло, получил своего пета, доволен
07.04.2015 10:05:51
Все отлично.
08.11.2014 14:50:20
30.09.2014 19:34:46