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Price monitoring of stores of Yandex.Market. Version 3.99
Description parser:
Like the old version, the program allows you to keep track of (parse) the price of goods of Yandex.Market.
After downloading only the name of the product, you get a full list of stores that sell this product as well as price, availability in stock, shipping cost and original product name of the store.
The information collected enables you to save a lot of time on analyzing the competition and make your product more attractive to buyers.
You can also specify a price of goods, to facilitate visual analysis.

* User-friendly design
* Automatic bypass protection Yandex flow through the VIP (appeal to Marketa through the API) or through recognition captcha and proxy servers when parsing web version of Market
* A flexible system with input data
* Easily view reports and several types of upload data to a CSV file standard
* Work with proxy servers from a file or from a remote server.
* Wide range of areas for data collection
* Ability to run multiple concurrent copies parser
* Sending a notification to the post office at the completion of all works
* Several types of reports
* Filtering and Data lights in our reports
* Ability to specify a minimum price for the beginning of the data collection
* Ability to add in the black list stores, for example, a so prices are not going with him
* Create a ready reference for future use
* Completely open source

System requirements:
PHP 5 or higher (compatible with PHP 7)
MySQL 4 and up
Detailed instructions how to install on the local computer, and hosting is available in the archive along with the parser after purchase.

Available upon request through contacts.
This script is constantly updated, and the cost will rise. All buyers - updates for free!

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CAUTION Buying the parser in other places, you get older and lose the version update!
26.02.2018 17:08:15
Удобный продукт. Спасибо)
06.11.2017 15:22:06
Работает )
16.02.2015 23:28:45
Я давно искал такой скрипт. Автору скрипта огромная благодарность за его труд!

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