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For whom this book was written:

• For those who want to know the mysteries of the Internet.

• For those who want to get active and passive income from the Internet.

• For those who love freedom.

• For those who want to build a virtual empire and receive income from it.

• For those who have something to say this beautiful world.

• For those who want to learn a new business environment.

• For those who want to find additional sources of income.

• For those who have a business and want to unwind further.

If you have the above among "those", then forward, waiting for you great things.

Internet - a cornucopia!

This I will try to prove all their book.

The book consists of five parts:

First part. Register and promote your blog.

You will learn:

Five steps from the commencement of registration to a profitable blog.

How to choose the subject of a successful blog.

A specific step by step plan of promotion of the blog.

Proven form of profit from your blog.

The second part. Create, untwist and monetizing Twitter

You will learn:

What is Twitter and what is its uniqueness.

As for the three steps to create a successful twitter.

How to create a delightful design twitter.

How to promote twitter.

How to profit from twitter.

The third part. Who has more possibilities, he quickly turns dreams into reality.

You will learn:

Why is it important not to rest on our laurels, but to continue to build their virtual empire.

How can you create a portal to online store for a short time.

Successful ideas on the formation of profits on the Internet.

The fourth part. An effective program of promotion of the Internet project.

You will learn:

High-quality, proven program of promotion of a web project.

Features and content providers.

Effective technologies of viral marketing.

Secrets of SEO-Optimization.

38 SMO-promotion tools.

Properties site in directories.

Author Yugova Julia. It has gone from a blogger to the owner of online shopping. At the moment, it has a successful online company.
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